tunebook 19 tunes.

Banjo and flute player from Drimnagh, Dublin.

I write a few of my own tunes too. Some are posted on this website but, I’ve decided it would be better for the whole community and myself, to post them in my details page. So here they are.


X: 1
T: Donkey In The Well
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
|:AFED B,2 DB,|A,EED E2 FE|D2 (3FED ADFD|ABde ~f3 e|
|:Affe fedB|~f3 d edBd|Beed edBA|FEDF EB, B,B|
Affe fedB|~f3 d edBd|ABdf e2 dB|AFEF D3 B:|

*My brother came across a funny article on the internet one day, about a year ago. A donkey had fallen into a well and had to be rescued. As hilarious as it was, the title "The Donkey in the Well" suddenly struck me as a good name for a tune. I, soon after, composed a tune deliberately for the occasion.

X: 1
T: Humours Of Drimnagh, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
|:dBAF DFBF| DFBF ~E2 B^c| dBAF DFBF|1 EGFE ~D2 FA:|2 EGFE ~D2 de||
|:faab afed|faaf ~g2 eg|1faab afed| ABdf e2 de:|2 bg ~g2 af ~f2|ABdf ~e2 B^c||

*This would have been the first tune I’ve ever composed. Looking back on it now, it is a mesh of different tunes, in all essence. I had been looking to write a tune to commemorate my own area of Drimnagh, Co. Dublin. However, I think it may deserve a better attempt than this.

X: 1
T: Lurgan Park
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Ador
|:~A2 eA gAeA|agea gedc|BG ~G2 dGBG|cBcd edeg|
|aA ~A2 gA ~A2|agea gedc|Bcde gedB|1 GABG ~A3 G:|2 GABG ~A2 Bd||
|:ea ~a2 bage|bgaf gedB|cBcd edeg|agab aged|
|ea ~a2 gedg|edgd edBd|cBcd edeg|1 dBGB ~A3 d:|2 dBGB ~A3 G||

*I wrote this tune in a bad mood one night. Its a funny story and typical of family life. I had wanted to have a shower because I knew I would not wake up early enough the next morning to bother. But my brother Paul had said to me a few minutes before I hopped in, "Here, I’m havin’ a shower, do you want to use the jax?" This, of course, annoyed me and it couldn’t be resolved in my favour. He was persistant on having a shower because I did not say it to him before hand of my intentions. So, I decided to write a tune. The above is what I came out with. The name didn’t come until much later when I thought Lurgan Park a good title. I’m a big fan of rally driving and the Lurgan Park Rally is one of Ireland’s most popular events on the annual calendar.

T:The Baby in the Pothole
C:Paddy Cummins
|:"F"FDCF "F/D"DCA,C|"F"DFFA "Gm7"~G2 FG|"F"Accd "F6"cdfd|"F"cAFA "C7"GcAG|
|"F"FDCF "F/D"DCA,C|"F"DFFA "Gm7"~G2 FD|"Amin7"CA, ~A,2 "Bb"CEFA|1 "C7"GEEG "F"F3 G:|2 "C7"GEEG "F"FFEF|

|:"D5"D3 C ~D2 FG|Adde "Dm"f3 g|"Gmin7"afge "Bb"fdcA|"Amin7"AGED CG,A,C|
|"D5"D2 ^CE "A5"DA, ~A,2|"D"D^CDE "Dmin"FFFG|"C"Adde dcAG|1 "A"FGEC "D5"DCA,C:|2"Bb"FAGE "C7"cAGE|

*I was obliged to write a tune as part of a college assignment. One of the criteria was that it much modulate to the relative minor in part 2. So a lot of thought was put into this tune. We’re were also told to add chords and ornamentation (I left out grace notes in this transcripton.) Initially, I had called it "Nobody’s Inn" but decided to change it to "The baby in the pothole" because I’ve been telling a lot of sick baby jokes recently.

X: 1
T: Jacks On The Mountain, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
dBA FED|B,A,B, D2 A,|B,EE FEF|1 AFD D2 c:|2 AFD D2 E||
|:DFA cde|dBA B2 B|AFE EFE|
[1 DB,A, A,2 E|DFA cde|dBA B2 B|AFE EFE| AFD D2 E:|
[2 DB,A, A,2 G,|A,DD DEF|AFA d2 B|AFE EFE|AFD D2 c||

"The school religion class went to Croagh Patrick for a pilgrimage last autumn. Three teachers came and one was a flute player, Mr. Price. While walking up the mountain my friend Maurice noticed a ladies and gents toilet facility which was a strange enough site on a mountain side. He said "Look, there’s a Jax on the mountain!." Mr. Price then said that it would be a good name for a tune and so I decided to give the title to this tune. He also pointed out that it could be a pun on the fact that we were all "Jackeens".