tunebook 94 tunes.

Belfast ,

Fluting since 2003 after a new years resolution to start after learning the whistle 20yrs earlier in Beechmount Leisure centre with Davy Maguire , playing in sessions in Belfast since 2007.

Playing with people like Davy Maguire, Spike Callaghan, Gary Duffy, Michael Clarkson, Paul Bell and a few other influencing me, makes Belfast a great place to learn the flute, the bar is set high.

I previously played a 4 keyed left handed Blackwood flute (2007) from Hammy Hamiliton it is fantastic and opens a whle new world of sound , picked up a Martin Doyle then moved to a Grinter Jan 2016 meanwhile I’m trying to do a tune a week.

2017 inventory
D Grinter 4 keyed
F Besson & Co London X
D Besson Piccolo 8 key
C Hammy 2016/7 Flute

A Murray

Sold: 1900s London Improved 8key
M&E Delrin Keyless

I try to keep a few tunes here.