tunebook 170 tunes.

tune sets 3 sets of tunes.

Hi - I’m Mikk from Nottingham UK
I play Guitar, Whistles, and a bit of octave mandolin and Bodhran (sorry…) & assorted percussion. I love the Celtic, acoustic roots stuff.
Favourite bands at the moment Blazin’ Fiddles, Solas, Deaf Shepard, Old Blind Dogs, Christy Moore, Dougie Maclean, Altan, Richard Thompson & the Fairporters, Kris Drever, Steve Hicks a brilliant guitarist from Leicester and loads, loads more too numerous to mention here…….
I have been accompanying the fiddler “Old Grey Buck” for a few years now (we might get good one day!!!) and would like to thank him for all the music he has brought into my life.