Mirek Patek

tunebook 9 tunes.

I play the tenor banjo retuned from CGda to open G tuning DGdg. Also, I’ve converted one of my old instruments to fretless tenor banjo retuned from "Irish" GDae to open D tuning ADad.

My page: http://www.mirekpatek.com/

I play my tenor banjo with "5-string banjo" fingerpicks on my thumb, index and middle finger for fingerpicking, plus ringfingernail pick for downstrumming. The original goal was to explore what kind of "5-string banjo" music (bluegrass, old-time) is possible to play that way on DGdg tenor banjo. I have met also guitar-born Travis picking on my way.

In 2011 I have shifted my focus more to the topic of playing ITM with the fingerpicks and in DGdg tuning.

I live in Prague, Czech Republic.