tunebook 104 tunes.

Check out the website for the slow session I started: https://lvirishslowsession.wordpress.com/ (still going strong as of 05/23/2017.) Lots of great tunes free to play and download, slow and fast versions of all—a great learner’s resource! Plus calendar of events in and around western MA, loads of links to interesting and useful websites, and blog posts about various topics. Enjoy!

Please have a look at my YouTube channel, on which I am still posting videos of my fiddle progress. I’ll also do the occasional concertina vid, and sometimes both together on a split screen. Please watch and comment!

Learning the Fiddle: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-lsdTbewzOIaxobYonpr12fF_9GWLcj_

Now taking fiddle lessons from Dan Foster (irishfiddleCT) at his East Windsor studio. I’m looking forward to making some progress!