tunebook 58 tunes.

Hi, my name is Jason Burnfield. I live in Bloomington, Indiana (USA). I’ve played flute, pipes, and guitar for many years. I also play Andean/South American winds (kena, kenacho, & zamponas). I have a Casey Burns standard model keyless mopane flute as well as a 90+ year old blackwood Nach Meyer flute that I inherited from my grandfather. In addition to this, I have an early set of A/D Scottish Smallpipes made by Nate Banton which I have been breaking in for the past 10 years. A few years ago I inherited my great grandfather’s highland bagpipes which I have restored to playable condition and play on occasion. In addition to this, I have a 90+ year old Crosby blackwood fife that was given to me by a local clock repairman who found it amongst a lot of clock parts which he had purchased at an auction. It needed some TLC but is playing nicely now! I also have a large collection of bamboo flutes and whistles of various sizes which I designed and built myself.