tunebook 1 tune.

I’m a whistle player from Southsea, Hants, UK. I’ve been playing for about fifty years and am self taught. I started playing when I attended Darlington Folk Workshop, playing mainly northumbrian tunes, but began playing irish in the late seventies when I met Dave Baker and attended the Southampton sessions.I play mainly at english festivals such as Whitby, Chippenham, Sidmouth, but I’ve been to Ireland several times for the Willy Clancey Week where I used to play in Cleary’s kitchen. I’m also a member of Victory Morrismen and play the whistle with them. My main instrument is a Chris Abel D, and a blackwood Bleazey.Can’t read a note of music, play by ear, but have a head full of tunes. Play at the session in The George Inn, Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth, last Sunday of the month, 2-30 til 7pm.
Ric Spencer . whistle@ntlworld.com