tunebook 9 tunes.

Flute player from Melbourne, Australia.
Obviously Matt Molloy is my god and I have a wee shrine to him on my wall. Well not quite but he is and will always be the best flute player in the world. Of course McGoldrick is quite good too and I really like John Kelly’s and Kevin Ryan’s playing.
But if I’m being perfectly honest I listen to other instruments almost more. I think Siobhan Peoples is also one of the greatest musicians around and while we’re on fiddle players I also like, well Tommy of course, Michelle O’Brian (bloody fantastic actually), Andy Morrow etc..
Fav albums at mo are-
An Traidisun Beo - Angelina Carberry
Time on Our Hands - Siobhan Peoples and Murty Ryan
Tony O’Connell and Andy Morrow