tunebook 50 tunes.

My name is Alasdair. I am a learner on mandolin. I’ve only been to two sessions but both were grand and the regulars welcoming. Thankyou the Ferry Inn, Stromness and Nigel’s Slow Session in Edinburgh.
Thanks also to all at Plockton and Ballyshannon. Now also thanks to Nikos, Manolis and Dimitris at Robinsons Taverna in Koutsouras, Crete for a brilliant night of Rembetika and Raki.
Well time for an update here. One visit to Ballyshannon and the tenor banjo takes over my life. Now after a few visits to Dublin and the kindness of the musicians in The Quays, Gogarty’s and The Ha’penny Bridge Inn not forgetting The Cobblestone in Smithfield the learning continues.