Yhaal House

If you want to meet in person (and you are very very welcome to do so! ABSOLUTELY indeed!!!!) I am very often at the Trafalgar Free House, 23 High Path, SW19 2JY!
And if you want to play with me/ us, come on Tuesday nights to the TRAF around 9.30pm for a TRAD IRISH MUSIC SESSION.
Also at the Trafalgar there’s Trad English (& wotteffah) sesh on a completely incomprehensible timetable of 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month .
I’ll buy you a pint! I’ll still be the one playing the Vulcan arse flute…

And lastly…
"If someone has a stick and someone else in the community also has a stick, but different, the pigeons still shit on the head of the statue in the square irrespective of kindle and kith."