tunebook 13 tunes.

Flute player, wannabe fiddle player in Blarney, born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The Cork has a great traditional music scene.

I love playing flute. The fiddle is super (technically, expressively, emotionally?) challenging, but I’m slowly getting better thanks to advice from Seamus Sands and Seamus Creagh’s Tunes for Practice CD. As a music educator, I have an obsessive interest in the learning process within the Irish traditional music community. I wrote a book on the subject based on many years research.


I’m fortunate enough to be involved in running and teaching in some community projects, particularly Club Ceoil Blarney. I work with kids who haven’t previously had the opportunity to learn trad music. Sharing tunes, seeing kids and adults uplifted by the music is what keeps me ticking. https://www.facebook.com/creativetrad/