tunebook 25 tunes.

aka Mark Brissenden.

I’m a fiddler, banjo player, and guitarist from New York, been living in Colorado for over 20 years, currently in Denver. I spread myself way too thin; I like to collect musical instruments and I have some that I rarely if ever play, like the Turkish saz and the Bulgarian gudulka.

Celtic is my favorite musical style and I’m currently in a couple of bands, so I get to practice and play for people and get paid for it, too! I also go to sessions quite a bit, to pick up new tunes and to drink for free.

For those of you who are really bored, sound clips are available at

Other interests: Skiing, biking, running around the lakes, renovating old houses, fixing my car, baseball, hanging out in LoDo, travel, folk dancing, learning foreign languages, psychology, computational linguistics.