tunebook 4 tunes.

Chicago, South Side. That lovely Irish enclave known as Beverly. The Parade is back, much to Herself’s consternation. The Western Avenue pub owners lost too much money. And money talks.

Polish accordion player who found the True Faith and converted to Button Box, and as I get older am migrating to the concertina. PA is 27 pounds. Button box is 12 pounds. The concertina around a pound. Have an alter-ego musical life as a church musician- though I earn the daily bread as a laborer in one of the worlds larger financial services salt mines- retirement is on the horizon!

Have a red-headed Irish wife aka ‘Herself’, who seems to tolerate the button box. I guess it’s not a red sports car, not a twenty-something blonde blonde and she certainly knows where I am at when I am with it. And I tell her if she wants something- go buy it. I will need the favors when I tell her how much the next new box costs……

Once accused of being an ‘emerging’, box player, I now know enough tunes to cause real trouble. There is just so much music and so little time. It’s hard to go back and fine tune everything one learns. Herself has asked I put learning the pipes on hold until her next existence

Herself’s St. Bernard passed and was replaced with a Laborador. He showers her with attention. Another beast who actually likes when I play. My catch phrase, “I look up and see God, I look down and see my Dog” continues to apply.