madame bonaparte

tunebook 2 tunes.

Hello I live in wild West Wales and absolutely adore Irish music; I am 47 yrs old and have been playing Irish fiddle for just about 3 years now; I am slowly coming to grips with it the aid of a very gifted and patient teacher who is also a good friend. Would love to hear from any one else who is also on as steep a learning curve as me and wants to share their enthusiasm or just chew the fat with a fellow fan; would love to be able to play at sessions but the few I have attended have felt totally outclassed and nervous to strike up any tunes; the few times I have played "in public" so to speak have usually ended up with me playing far too fast for comfort, and ending up all squeaky and nervous!! Still… day…………..

i am fascinated to discover what little gems lie in amongst all you musicians out there who contribute to this web site; look forward to downloading some tunes/music that I can have a bash at.Feel free to email me with anything you fancy!!