tunebook 42 tunes.

I play mainly bouzouki. I’m located in Evanston, Wyoming (USA). We started a session in 2008 and have been having a lot fun with it, stop by if you’re in the area.

Bouzouki chord patterns
Steve Kaufmans 4 hour Celtic workout
Breton Music-Gwerz
remote Family Recordings
The art of searching for tunes in ’s database
simple/free recording software
Gaelic pronunciation
Copyright issues
French Folk Music
A good backing thread
Manx Songs and Tunes
Irish bouzouki saddle slots
On-Line piping lessons
Great Bouzouki Players
Popular Polkas
Most Important Hornpipes to Know?
Permission to Play Tunes/Royalties

Here’s the myspace thing: (my music) (my band’s page)