Ok so I don’t really hate fiddlers, actually some of my best palls are fiddlers but….. and you knew there would be one didn’t you, it can be a bit wearing playing in A for a guitarist, it’s one o them scruched up chords, and yes I have a capo and G shapes on two is fine but it’s the ruddy principle of the thing. In my opinion only the ‘Athol Highlanders’ should be in A …. god I love that tune !

Anyway as you may have guesed I’m a guitarist (accompaniest) and singer who occasionally picks up a banjo or mandolin or bazouki or mandola…….ok so I’m a strings player………….. I live in Perth (Scotland) and try and get to as many sessions as possible. I play an origional (not the new one made out of fibre board which is PANTS !) Martin DM with 13guage D’darrio strings which is probably far too loud and obnoxious but I love it dearly.

As far as I’m concerned if you’re gonna play a session, look listen, smile and go for it ! I’ve been doing it for about 13 years now and it’s never lost any of the spark ( I may have but thats different !)