tunebook 9 tunes.

I have played all kinds of music during my 59 years. I played trumpet in swing band in high school and jazz trumpet in college. Then when I turned 35 I quit my career and started playing and singing folk music with a couple friends. I played harmonica and eventually played penny whistle (poorly), cane flute (better than whistle), and eventually saxophone, clarinet and flute as well. We were awarded an Arts Grant and played early american folk, canadian folk and gospel and spirituals along with work songs from negro slave to sea shanty.
After ten years of making a living in music the venues started to close down and I and the other members went back to the harsh reality of making a living uncreatively.
I am retired and for the last 8 years have taken lessons on the Irish Concertina from Noel Hill’s U.S workshops. I have always played around on the flute and have finally decided that it is to be as serious an instrument in my life as the concertina now is.
Music will be the best medicine for a healthier and happier life and I hope that it will help me to keep my mind from turning into mush.

Steve Maurice
Mount Vernon, IA U.S.A.