tunebook 214 tunes.

I first started in ITM with a souvenir generation whistle brought back from my sisters trip through Ireland. My daughter was just born then and I thought I might entertain her by playing a few nursery tunes on the whistle. One thing led to another and 20 odd years later I finally got up the nerve to ask the players at the local "celtic session" if I could join in. I find that the craic amusing and the musicians delightful and the sessions are over before I know it.
Moms family was McGrath from County Cork and Dads family was Anderson from Scotland. They both grew up in the Rhonda Valley and married after WWII. While I was born in London I was raised in Canada. My cousins still live in the Rhonda (Tonypandy). My bucket list is to make my way back and get to as many sessions as I can (OAIM summer 2013).
Favorite expression: " music frees the mind from the tyranny of conscious thought".
Regards to any one who thinks the same.