I’m primarily a harmonica player who lives in Northcentral PA. I’ve helped start a session in Elmira NY and sometimes go to sessions in Ithaca. I met a flute player a few years back who got me playing ITM. Up until then I mostly played Clancy brothers’ stuff. Now I play a bunch with a fiddler who also plays guitar and sings. We have a blast hitting sessions together and performing all kinds of ITM and songs at pubs.

When I meet harmonica players they are usually into the blues. It is rare to come across one playing ITM. I’ve been at the Irish Arts in the Catskills and two or three have showed up regularly. I’ve picked up the bodhran a bit because I hate not being able to play a tune during a session. (It has helped me learn rythm) I also have a tin and low d whistle. I’ve tried learning the whistle and banjo but the harmonica comes the easiest so I’m sticking with it.

Yes I have Brendan Power’s cd and the Murphy family cd. Maybe someday I can play as well as they do….join them in a pub….

If you come thru the Williamsport, Corning, Elmira area do send me a message and I’ll try to find time to play some tunes with ya.

The session dot org is a wonderful site for folks like me who live in the middle of nowhere. I’ve learned a lot about the music and how to best approach it by visiting the site.