tunebook 310 tunes.

tune sets 2 sets of tunes.

Back in Balmer hon, yahoo! I don’t check in here as much as I used to, but here’s my goofy myspace page:


Yeah, it’s not as cool as 2678 (my member number here), but there you go. BTW, Sylvain Barou is in that Bollywood group -- I think he’s amazing. I play a fully-keyed Rudall, Rose & Carte made of cocus, serial 6194, & a polymer M&E for travelling & camping.

Previously on emily_az: Blackwood flute, living in northern Arizona. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Northern Exposure set on a Tattooine water farm minus the land speeders. The mesas are cool though.

Last season: Rambles in various Charm City venues opens our hero’s eyes to the impossibly high level of chunes to which she aspires to play. Shadowy figures weave in & out, but several good-hearted lads have seen fit to take her under their collective wing. Sessions abound, this is where the rubber meets the road, stay chuned!

Last week’s episode on emily_oc: Driving cross country from Baltimore to Orange County, California to be on a reality show about nurses called “13 Weeks,” including living in a beachside mansion with 5 other (non-trad playing) nurses. Check it out, it’s web-based so you don’t even need a TV:


Tonight’s episode on emily_ak: An eerie foreshadowing to Northern Exposure posited years ago in the above blurb, why not take a 13 week nursing assignment in rural Alaska in a town reachable only by airplane? The chances of sessions are small, while the chances of moose, bear, wolves, whales, glaciers & dogsledding are much higher. No worries, I’ll be back in time for the Catskills. Can anyone give me a real reason I shouldn’t take the Rudall? I mean, the town has a Greek restaurant, for pete’s sake, I think it’s even more civilized than Chinle, & certainly more humid.

Newest update from Bethel: I’m learning fiddle (teaching myself) & teaching a beginner Irish whistle class Monday nights @ the Coffee Shop. I"m a damned plague, I tell you! No remote corner of planet Earth is safe - not the Navajo, not the Eskimo, not tsunami-decimated Indonesia, nowhere.