I’m from Ennis in County Clare, Ireland. I’ve been playing trad fiddle for the last 20 years or so. Currently living and playing in Limerick.

I’ve been privileged to play with some truly outstanding musicians down through the years, and have been a regular at sessions and gigs around Clare and Limerick. Such immersion in a vibrant, living culture has made trad music feel as natural as breathing.

The music has been good to me. Thanks to it, I have travelled extensively, and been to places that I might never otherwise have gotten to see. I’ve made many lifelong friends through the music, and get to enjoy tunes with them often. The music even landed me a wife, who has otherwise proved to be impervious to even my best chat up lines 🙂

I came on this site in the hopes of imparting some of what I have learned throughout the years. My main focus in discussions is trad fiddle playing, but I’m sure I’ll turn up from time to time in other topics.

As a last thought, to those learning the fiddle, here are 3 rules:

1. The best way to learn to play the fiddle, is to play the fiddle
2. Listen, Listen, Listen
3. Practice, Practice, Practice