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  • Didn’t She Dance And Dance

    The title tune of my new favorite album by Paudie O'Connor and Aoife Ni Chaomh.

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  • Mrs. Galvin’s, X:3

    This setting comes from concertina player Caitlín Nic Gabhann. The tune is from Mrs. Nell Galvin, born Ellen McCarthy near Kilmihill, Co. Clare in 1887. Nell was taught to play tunes on both fiddle and concertina by the blind piper Garret Barry from Ina...

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  • Re: From Sliabh Moscó to Cathair Pheadair

    The debut album from the Russian band:

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  • Mollie’s Mews

    The weekly tune at Mollie's pub in Saint-Petersburg, Russia has been steadily ongoing for the past few months, save for a few holiday breaks, and I think it can safely be said that we intend to continue. Irish traditional music mostly, but occasional Fren...

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  • Sean Ryan Compositions

    Hi everybody!

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  • Re: So Many Partings

    Silly Wizard is surprisingly little known in Ireland, even among those who's open to Scottish and other recordings "not fitting" the usual ITM canon. That's from my experience at least - I'd say in Russia they enjoy better recognition! Which, if accurate,...

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