tunebook 113 tunes.

I live in Taos, New Mexico. I’ve played woodwinds all my life, starting on recorder at the age of 8, then clarinet, and now whistle and flute. I’ve also played guitar since I was a teenager. My interest in Irish music has proceeded full speed ahead since Zoukfest came to town two years ago; that’s when I was first exposed to the techniques of whistle/flute articulation ala Grey Larsen. There’s been two more Zoukfests here since my first, and I’ve had the pleasure of playing duets with Grey of the tunes I’ve learned off his CD’s. I went to Ireland this summer and spent two weeks in Doolin, Co. Clare, attending sessions in the many small towns in the vicinity. Played a bunch of flutes while I was there and fell in love with a Martin Doyle keyless Mopane instrument which I bought at the Doolin music store. Sweet. And then I got back and Grey Larson had a 6-key Casey Burns for sale which fit my hands nicely, so I bought that too. Now I’m in hock up to my earlobes, but loving the music.
If you come to Taos, send me an email and I’ll show you the sights, and of course, we could play music.