tunebook 24 tunes.

Im a 50 yr old woman who has just taken up the challenge of teaching myself the fiddle about 3 months ago. I am totally addicted. Sometimes the worst of times can also bring about wonderful discoveries. Six months ago I had an ice skating accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Long months of therapy for speech, memory, balance, vision and cognitve struggles. Showing much progress but always looking for new ways to restimulate those neural pathways that have been taking a bit of a nap. Enter the fiddle!!! Considering that for much of my recovery time I have not been able to tolerate the sound of any kind of music. Too much stimulation. Strange how I had lost the ability to even carry a tune or whistle.
But for some reason teaching myself the basics of fiddle playing has been deeply therapeutic. I certainly am not good by any means. But I GET IT,I UNDERSTAND ITand I FEEL THE MUSIC. To play the fiddle is to teach me lessons in focusing, breathing, relaxation and confidence. I learn by listening to fiddle music on my ipod then playing what I heard by ear, over and over and over. Sometimes I can barely lift my arms at night they are so sore from playing.
I am looking forward to having this place to share my excitement and struggles with others and to soak up all that you fiddlemasters have to offer.