tunebook 155 tunes.

Allow me to introduce you to my babies

There’s Elsie, and she’s muh fiddle! I love her to death…she’s not THE BEST quality (2002 Sheryl and Roth) but for a student instrument she’s really fantastic. And, while I have really needed to be finding a “better” fiddle for about…oh, 3 or 4 years, I simplay can’t bear to part with my Elsie and (understandably) my parents aren’t going to pay for an $X00+ fiddle without even trading her in…maybe someday. ) But anyway, she really does have a great sound (imagine Pimp my Ride for Fiddle…She’s gotten just about everything but the absolute basic body upgraded…better bridge, tailpiece, chinrest, strings (well, of course those get changed, but when you go to high school and see so many Red Labels you want to cry). She’s got pretty darn good volume and an unusually bright sound (which I like) and a gorgeous reddish color. I absolutely love my Elsie.

Then there’s Jeremy (I know, appropriate name for this site)…my acoustic gee-tar. Until this Christmas, he was my Mom’s (he’s had his name for a very long time) and he’s also pretty great (I can only play like 5 songs right now and am still working on bar chords)…so I don’t really know much else to say about him as I don’t really know much else about guitars in general. Anyway, he’s still pretty great.

And then there’s me. I sing. Lots of Irish, a little Scottish Gaelic songs, “contemporary folk”, some American folk (but not the whiny, gross kind), musical theatre, and some classical (Italian arias and whatnot. Just for fun…and don’t worry, I can tell the difference between what I’m singing and I’m not one of those classical singers who tries to sing trad songs like an aria. 2 different kinds of beauty).

Those are my main instruments (well, no, I’ve played piano for ten years and love it, but I don’t play any Celtic on piano-always wanted to though!)….but I’ll play around with just about anything, I’ve grown up with music and love it…there’s a very long list of instruments that I want to learn (but fiddle, voice, and piano are my true loves), and I add to that list pretty much daily, my family’s probably tired of hearing it and hearing every new instrument I want to learn every day…I really, really suck at bodhran (but who doesn’t? 😉 )…I’ve been known to play the didjeridoo every once in a while…And again not to brag or anything, but I am one heck of a triangle player if I do say so myself. OOHOOH! And those little wodden frogs with the sticks that you make croak? I like those. I could go on with the list of instruments I’ve played (badly)…but won’t.

So basically, you could have learned everything important form the first bit. Fiddler, singer. (who has a tendency to write/talk too much).

And the most kick-arse amateur nose-flutist you ever did see 😉