tunebook 24 tunes.

I play concertina - what a suprise, no? My name’s Emily, I’ve been playing since 1996, and I’ve finally gotten to the point where my playing doesn’t totally stink. I mostly play sessions, but since I got into trad music through my uncle who plays for contradances, I’ve done my share of that, too. And used to play in a celtic rock band, so you can ask me questions about the usefulness of effects pedals in making my friends cringe. 🙂 But the band is no more, so I’ve been behaving myself like a nice little trad girl.

I’ve been technically a member here for a long time but haven’t been active. I moved from Michigan to south-central Chicago in March (05) and am embarking on the difficult but highly entertaining task of finding my favorite session in town, so I expect I’ll be paying more attention as I seek gossip. Umm, news. Ummm, information. You know.