Popcorn’s on! Grab a handful & join me. The laughter never ends.

For those who missed this it was deleted from a thread within seconds ~

Xooooooooo, we’re really not supposed to have discussions within discussions. Jeremy, I do understand & appreciate this. Hopefully an armistice can be arrived at, in this instance. Sincerest apologies to M_. Oxxx X. Oxxxx for lo-jacking your discussion.
. . .
Llig Leahcim has in fact been suspended from his mustard ramblings on a number of occasions. Few members have completely vanished. Members are popping up everywhere!
Thank you, Jeremy ~ most benevolent of all forum moderators!
Day after day . . . after day, we are free to pontificate to our silly hearts desire. Please, join the festivities. If you wake up in the brig, there is always an exquiste menu ~w/condiment. Eventually you will find yourself right back in the same boat; typing away w/glee.

So, come here rather than sending another email. While I think it is grand to receive a PM, not anyone should be too intimidated from saying what is on your mind to The World.