tunebook 22 tunes.

Brought up in Cavan in 1960s/70s living in Portsmouth since 1985. Bought first box in ‘97, founder member Feckless 2003. Played with Hanging Tree Band for 2 years. Now in new band Vicar’s Crackpipe.
Play at sessions in Ireland & Southern England.
I play a Bompezzo D/G & VanderA C#/D & Saltarelle C#/D 12 bass boxes; Rhythm guitar & whistles.

New session at The Golden Lion, High Street Southwick, Fareham PO17 6EB. Started in summer 2021. Last Sunday of the month from 3.30 till 7.30pm. Musicians from Bognor, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester & London. Music is mainly Irish trad but also any traditional music from any country!
Contact for details. Any kind of music and no house style! All welcome.
Updated Dec 2021