tunebook 20 tunes.

Brought up in Cavan in 1960s/70s living in Portsmouth since 1985. Bought first box in ‘97, founder member Feckless 2003. Played with Hanging Tree Band for 2 years. Now in new band Vicar’s Crackpipe.
Play at sessions in Ireland & Southern England.
I play a Bompezzo D/G & VanderA C#/D & Castganari D#/D/C# boxes; Rhythm guitar & whistles.

I run a monthly session at The George, Portsdown Hill Rd., PO6 1BE: 2.30 till 7pm. This session has been running for 4 years with musicians from Bognor, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester & London.
Contact for details. Any kind of music and no house style! All welcome.
Still going strong 4 years later. Updated Sept 2019.