tunebook 194 tunes.

tune sets 12 sets of tunes.

Scottish, from Dundee, went to boarding school in Yorkshire, now living in Hamburg.
I play various tubes with holes in them for my fingers - mainly the flute, both Boehm and simple system. Also whistles and pipes.
I am trying to push a bit more Scottish repertoire into the Hamburg session scene while learning the ITM stuff myself as well.

Update 2018: I now play the keyed successor of my original keyless blackwood Flute in D, both by Windward Flutes and a 6 key blackwood Terry McGee GLP also in D. Also, more rarely, a number of other flutes and whistles too many to mention here. I am also learning the pipes and I have a set of A/D smallpipes from Lauriebeck, Garvie Session pipes and a GHB of “evolved” provenance. I also have a silver bodied Boehm Flute (Yamaha 674) which I use for classical music. I also have an F Flute by Hammy.

I have been quite severely influenced by Chris Norman’s playing, particularly on the Caledonian Flute CD. To this I have now (2010) added Conal O’Grada as inspiration. I also particularly like the playing of Calum Stewart and Harry Bradley.

2011 I made it to the flute meeting organised by Conal O’Grada and Hammy Hamilton - Great fun and I will be trying to make it as regularly as I can in the future.

Also, 2018 - I now am the proud owner of an D/G button Accordion as a result of a trip to Emmanuelle Pariselle’s accordion building course. I am now trying to learn how to play it…

2019 - I have also added trying to take in as many FluteFling events as I can manage. (

19th October, 2012:
Flute: Rookery
Flute: Musical Priest
Flute: Swinging on the Gate
Flute: Sally Gardens

4th June 2012:
Flute: Rolling in the Ryegrass, Green Gates
Flute Anderson’s:

(With one exception, all the audio files below are completely unedited…)
Mrs Hamilton of Pithcaithlands, Smallpipes

Meeting of the Waters, Corn Riggs, Smallpipes
and the same again with a bit of audio cleaning up…

Rose in the Heather, Lord Macdonald

Rolling in the Ryegrass, Flute

More Clips, 9.7.2010:
Last Pint, Flute

Da Ferry Reel, Flute

Corn Riggs, Flute

Corn Riggs, smallpipes

The Ale is Dear, smallpipes

Pawky Adam Glen, smallpipes

Parting of the Waters, smallpipes

Snippets Update 6.1.2010:
Ferry Reel
Killavil Jig
Flowers of Edinburgh
Blackthorne Stick (again)

Update 30.7.2009:
Lauriebeck smallpipes are here and getting played quite a bit.
Here are a few samples of some of my (flute) playing attempts:
Da Mirrie Boys of Greenland
Sleep Sound ida Morning (15.5.2009)