tunebook 1 tune.

I’ve been playing whistle for a few years and have recently begun working with the wooden flute, too. I’ve played rhythm guitar in "traditional" music groups for a number of years. I’m currently playing with Red Crow, a Celtic/Old-Time band from Annapolis MD, and the Baltimore Open Band.

One of my primary interests is the culture of Asturias, a region along the sea in northern Spain. Asturias is green, mountainous, and is one of the Celtic countries in the Atlantic Arc. I am an organizer with, a web community focused on Asturian culture and the individuals and families who have emigration from Asturias to other parts of the world.

I began playing the whistle as a way of preparing to play the gaita asturiana, which is the bagpipe played in Asturias. My big current project is helping create La Banda de Gaites de USA, a very young Asturian bagpipe band in the US.