Mark Cordova

tunebook 514 tunes.

I just changed my handle from Mark the Fiddler to my real name. No stalkers please 🙂

My hammer is the Violin but my Viola playing is strong as well. I have been working and working on my Mandolin for quite some time now and I believe that I will become good enough to play that in front of the best - I’m still not performing it yet. The Tenor Banjo and Bouzouki come out of their cases occasionally but at this point, I’m not even sure what good technique would be for those.

I started in on the Irish Music in 1990 and started performing it in 1992. It was great fun to be in a beginner band. We had plenty of support from the community.

My tunebook here contains the tunes that I know in common with the session. If you actually take a few minutes to look at my tunebook and you see that I am missing some of those great tunes, Drop me a line and let me know. Turn me on to the best Irish music, I’ll thank you much for the extra effort.