session savage

tunebook 16 tunes.

Dia duit.
The name’s John B Keane (no, not the same one) or Seán Ó Catháin - depending on what mood I’m in.

Play a bit on guitar, piano, sax, whistle, mandolin, drums.
Took up the new love of my life - the fiddle, in October 06.
Haven’t touched any other instument since cause I love playing the fiddle.

I am currently playing a fiddle made by Michael Allen. Its a savage little fiddle and makes me sound so much better than I am.
I also have a ‘fiddle’ I got in the white and ‘decorated’ with some relief carving. I use this one if I plan on getting really drunk. You can see pics of it on myspace.

I live in a wonderful place in co Tiobraid Árann, at the foot of Slievenamon.

You can check out my progress here. Still a bit rusty but getting there

this video is me playing after six months learning.

If your feeling nosey and want to gawk at my ‘space’ I’m at

oh, I like milk and cake and Morgan’s Spiced after a feed of Guinness


Thanks to Reverend for this. Its a great players map.

Great site for trad tunes in dots and tabs for guitar, mando, harmonica etc.