tunebook 107 tunes.

I’ve been playing (diatonic) harmonica since early 2006 started on traditional music about six months later and quickly got hooked. I only go to one or two sessions per month (which are basically English sessions), but they are a major highlight for me and incentive to keep learning. I’ve also very recently started trying to play Anglo Concertina. If you think I suck on the mouth organ, you should hear me on the Anglo!

If all that isn’t bad enough, I’m also a morris dancer, which is becoming quite a big influence on my playing. Since I started dancing I have been developing a new appreciation for tunes as dance music. As we hear very often on this site: if you want to “get” the music then play for dancers, or dance yourself. It’s very true.

I live in Oxfordshire, UK, and am a small cog in a big machine running computer systems for particle physicists.