My name is Bernd, I live in Kiel, Germany.
At the age of 17 (1972) I joined a schoolband that was involved with Irish folkmusic. My first set of reels I played on tenor banjo was Fermoy Lasses / Sporting Paddy and I still enjoy playing it.
Few years later I started learning to play the fiddle, which turned out to be my main instrument beside the mandolin now.
Over the years I played in many local bands.
Some years ago I started to file the tunes I had learned with a notation programm called Capella which is very handy for composing harmonies and editing words of songs to the melody also.
The programm also has good midi export and import so that working with abc-files is possible.
The Kiel folk scene is small but very friendly.
The best site for folk music in the north of Germany is which shows all venues dates and heaps of bands.
I have been teaching young people to play tunes for the last years in a little local center called Hof Akkerboom, ( which is a good place for folk concerts and other activities.
My last project was with a band that was founded to play on the Tønder Folk Festival. We got a minor gig at Hagge’s Pub and the band turned out to be a real pleasant bunch of characters between 25 and 52 years of age. I think we’ll be going a long way. Enjoy the music, best wishes - Bernd