tunebook 8 tunes.

hello there ! My name is Nico, I play the bodhran, the tin whistles and the flute. I lost myself into low whistle as well, and flamenco guitar during my years in Paris. I’d love to learn the Bansuri in India in the future… or in a future life 🙂.

I started ITM as a teenager, haunted by old discs of the Chieftains from my parents. I learnt at the Tara Inn session in Brest as a student and then in different good breton irish pubs such as Poitin Stil in Quimper and in festivals in Ireland or in Galway.
I moved to Paris after a short Erasmus time in Stuttgart and spent 5 years there. There are unlimited possible musical experiences there. Paris is definitely the capital of Music!
Now I am back in Germany, attending the O’Reilly’s session as much as I can on Mondays. It is a great session!

My favourite sessions are The Crane Bar in Galway, the Poitin Stil in Quimper, O’Reilly’s in Stuttgart.

Finally I think that the best irish sessions are in Ireland, probably impromptu, somewhere lost between Lahinch, Athlone and Sligo, when enlighted souls meet and gather in the warm atmosphere of friendliness, respect and solidarity.