tunebook 7 tunes.

I live in Cambridge, UK among other places and have been active here, in and around Boston, in California and often “back home” in ITM for around 45 yrs now. Mostly I play flute, occasionally whistle or low-whistle, also tenor mandolin, bodhran, voice, the usual. I try to play fiddle and keyboard, though not simultaneously.

I’ve studied a bit with Billy Novick, Cathal McConnel, Darech deBrun, Mary Bergin, Sean Potts, Mick Hand and Seamus Egan here and there. I’ve been undeservedly fortunate in my associations with amazing musicians. I’ve been on a couple of recordings. I play out a couple of times a week, when I can. I have an essay up on that many have found informative; it is merely an exercise in sharing what I have been taught.

If I can learn to play this stuff, so can you.