cairbreo’s tune sets

Flying To The Fleadh.

T: Flying To The Fleadh
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
ded Bcd cBA|~B3 c2d efg|~f3 efg fed|~e3 aed cde|ded Bcd cBA|
~B3 c2d efg|~f3 efg fed|1 edc aec B2c:|2 edc aec d2e||
|:~f3 efa fed|~e3 aed cBA|~B3 c2d efg|~f3 cAF Ace|~f3 efa fed|
~e3 aed cBA|B2d c2e d2f|1 edc aec d2e:|2 edc aec B2c||
|:dFF cFF dcB|cEE BEE cde|dFF cFF def|edc aec B2c|dFF cFF dcB|
cEE BEE cBA|B2d c2e d2f|edc aec B2c:|