Jason G

tunebook 24 tunes.

My name is Jason, hail from Baltimore (USA), and have played Irish flute since 2001. Before that I played classical flute for about 12 years starting at the ripe old age of 7. I’ll still pick up the silver flute once in a while, usually around Christmas time or to show my students (I teach special education at the elementary school level).

My musical journey goes like this: I took lessons from Chris Norman for a year or two during my pre-teen years. Credit him with much of my interest in non-classical music. Really got into the Cape Breton stuff after going to Cape Breton for a family vacation in the mid 1990s. Officially was introduced to Irish music when I studied abroad in Galway from September-December in 2001. Spent 5 years going to college in Philadelphia, so I got to know the scene there pretty well. Have been back in Baltimore since 2005 where I continue to immerse myself in the Irish music and culture as much as possible. I’m not out to capture the world with the music; just having some fun with what has long since turned into my passion.