tunebook 19 tunes.


My name’s Neal. Im enthusiastic about irish music (even though Im English. (I can claim for an irish great grandma.)

I play fiddle to a reasonable standard. I can hold my own in adult sessions on the tunes I know.

I am interested in developing my musical ability and am pretty open-minded in the ways to do this ( as long as it has NOTHING to do with classical music (been there done that))

My local session is at the Hearshall Inn, Craven Street, Coventry. It is a friendly Comhaltas Session that welcomes visitors. Recent visitors have come from Japan and Australia. (You will get to start tunes if you dont know the ones we play regularly).https://thesession.org/sessions/1727

Most non Comhaltas sessions in Coventry are for over 18s only.

some videos are at http://uk.youtube.com/GUKLASMYD. Some are quite old now. bear in mind I’d like to think I am improving.
Thank you to the Board Members who have identified sessions in various parts of the country when I have been on holiday.