tunebook 950 tunes.

Once in Perth, Western Australia, and now in Leeds, UK. I mainly play pipes and whistles, as well as guitar, banjo, and mandolin, but will happily pick up anything within reach if left to my own devices. I use as my tune-book, so I’m frequently transcribing tunes I come across that aren’t already on the site.

-- My own compositions:

The Cuttlefish (Gmaj; waltz)

Alex Howell’s Silver Fox (Gmaj; jig)

Sondheim’s Frolics (Amaj; jig)

Farewell to Dairy (Dmaj; reel)

The Jackdaw (Dmaj; waltz)

The Master and Margarita (Gmin; polka)

Trevor Learoyd’s Not A Day Over 69 (Dmix; reel)

You’re obviously free to play and record these tunes -- just let me know so I can keep an ear out! 🙂