I’m a guitar player from the Scottish Borders. I help out at a local fiddle "school" by keeping the beat, adding a bit of harmony and transcribing the tunes for players who struggle to learn/play by ear.
I’m in a few different musical ensembles and "perform" about fifty times a year, sometimes for listening, sometimes for dancing.
Up until recently I taught guitar (after 25 years of teaching Mathematics). I’m now sort of retired (now getting my superannuated pension) but still do a bits and pieces that I want to do as well as a few instrument repairs. Reaching the age of sixty I’m now entering the second third of my life - that’s what I tell myself, anyway.
I’ve written a few tunes and have the gall to post a few of them on this site (although I have done my penance). One of my proudest moments was when, to my surprise, the celidh band at the Stonehaven Aqua Ceilidh played "Sheila’s Cape Breton Jaunt" when we were "dancing" the Canadian Prawn Dance!
Currently working on a tuition book, Fyne Fiddles Volume 1, with fiddler Amy Geddes.