tunebook 19 tunes.

Paul from Chicago - a mental health counselor married for 30 years with three grown children. After neglecting the guitar for 30 years, I decided to take up the fiddle and mandolin. My teacher (Walter Hojka) is big on contra dance tunes, which keeps leading me back to this website every time I try to look one up. I’m still learning, just started practicing with 3 other similar mid-life crisis type of guys in the basement of one, and one day maybe we’ll be good enough to play in front of people. This week we massacred “Flowers of Edinburgh,” next week who knows… In five years we may have a set list. Playing at an actual session is probably always going to be a far-off fantasy for me, but check with me again in a couple years. At least I live in Chicago, where it might be possible, if people have enough to drink beforehand.

In addition to Irish music, I’m learning Appalachian and Texas and Missouri type tunes (Charlie Walden taught one of my mandolin classes), and whatever else seems interesting. I’m not above adding fiddle to a Lynrd Skynrd song if it entertains us or someone else. But I’ll probably devote most of my energy to tunes with names like “Stuff That Weasel” (Also known as “Boil That Hide Glue,” “O’Brien’s Stumble,” and “Hattie’s Droopers”).