whistlingjack’s tune sets

The Bluemont, Lucy Cassidy.

T: The Bluemont
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D G A|:B2 BA B/A/G|A2 AB BA|G2 E2 E2|E4 (F/E/D)|
C3 D C2|D2 G2 B2|A6-|A3 D GA|
B2 BA B/A/G|A2 AB BA|G2 E2 E2|E4 F/E/D|
C3 D C2|{D}C B3 A2|G6|1 G4 D/G/A:|2 B2 c2 d2||
|:e4 e2|d4 c2|c2 B4-|B4 B/c/A|
G4 G2|A2 G2 A2|B6-|B2 Bd BG|
A4 AB|A2 G2 E2|D G3 D2|E4 D2|
C3 D C2|D B3 A2|G6|1 B2 c2 d2:|2 G6||
T: Lucy Cassidy
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:ag|f2 af e2 de|fA A2 BGGB|GBdG gfed|cdec A2 ag|
f2 af e2 de|fA A2 BGGB|GBdG gfec|Acec d2:|
|:fg|a2 df afdB|GBdG BGGB|GBdG gfed|cdec A2 fg|
a2 df afdB|GBdG BGGB|GBdG gfec|Acec d2:|
|:a2|AdfA dfAd|fA A2 BGGB|GBdG gfed|cdec A2 a2|
AdfA dfAd|fA A2 BGGB|GBdG gfec|Acec d2:|
|:fg|adda aAda|AaaA BGGB|BGdG gfed|cdec A2 fg|
adda aAda|AaaA BGGB|GBdG gfec|Acec d2:|