tunebook 28 tunes.

Ryan Morrison, the “Birmingham Bagpiper,” Piper for Hire for weddings, funerals, and all other services anywhere in the state of Alabama and throughout the region.

I have the great fortune of playing the bagpipes for a living. I am also an accomplished award-winning solo bagpipe competitor, as well as the Pipe Major and Director of the Birmingham-based Ian Sturrock Memorial Pipe Band. In addition, I am a competing member of the Bushmills Irish Pipers Pipe Band of San Francisco’s Grade 3 band as well as the Duncan McCall Pipe Band of Pensacola, Florida. I am a composer and arranger with a strong interest in Irish piping after the fashion of Terry Tully.

I have performed on stage with Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains and have also performed on albums with Jeff Sauceda and Cynthia Douglass.

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