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My name is Hiroyuki Yamada. It may sound exotic, but actually it’s a quite common/dull name in Japan. Some Irish people call me Kieran, or Hiro. I regret choosing a bit silly site name here, but I think it’s too late to change it now.

I started listening to tradional Scottish/Shetland music in 1999 and then Irish stuff a few months later. After travelling around in Ireland in 2000, I started fancying playing music. In 2002 I picked up a whistle in Edinburgh while studying in the university there as an exchange student. Though I have learned and played Irish tunes in Leeds, West Clare, Sligo, London, and some other places, I still love Scottish folk music. Currently playing a wooden flute as well. It’s Mark Hoza’s keyless D:

Here’s a sound clip of myself playing northern reels:

And a photo of me with “Ptarmigan” on the fiddle in Antrim in March, 2006:

Some of my favourite recordings are:

James Carty “Upon My Soul” (flute)
Harry Bradley, Jesse Smith, and John Blake “The Tap Room Trio” (flute & fiddle with guitar / piano)
Peter Carberry “Traditional Irish Music from Co. Longford” (box and banjo)
Breda Keville “The Hop Down” (fiddle & vocal)
Johnny Connolly “An Mileodean Scaoilte” (melodeon)
Ronan Browne & Peter O’Loughlin “Touch Me If You Dare” (pipes and fiddle)
Brid O’Donohue “Tobar an Duchais” (whistle)
Derek McGinley and Tara Connaghan “The Far Side of the Glen” (fiddles)

Fred Morrison “The Sound of the Sun” (border pipes & low whistle)
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley “Mither o’ the Sea” (fiddle with guitar / piano)
Karine Polwart “Fairest Floo’er” (vocals with guitar / piano)
“The Best of Ossian”

Currently back home in Japan and occasionally joining a couple of regular sessions in Tokyo. I tell you the sessions here aren’t bad! But I admit I miss friends and music in Leeds: