tunebook 3 tunes.

Band leader for Bracken Rigg Band - a traditional Scottish / Irish fiddle and accordion band (various lineups) based in the North of England (around Doncaster) for some 30 years.
Mad on Irish and Scottish trad.
Playing regularly for barn dances, the band has also specialised in the Northumbrian tradition of tunes, and in the past have played for old-time, sequence, sing-songs, bier-keller and various other continental accordion genre.
I play on piano accordion, anglo and english concertina, all of which I promote and encourage amongst learners in local sessions and clubs.
For my sins I also sing in a cathedral choir.
Always wanting a new musical challenge - my latest "project" was playing tuned-percussion in the local brass band (Dodworth Welfare) - lots of new instruments to learn - the hard bit is the rests, the most enjoyable bit is bashing timpanii.
Since then, I have just completed my first year on tenor horn with the training band - you can still learn new instruments in your 60s.