tunebook 4 tunes.

Flute player from Loughinisland County Down, Ireland, married to Pádraigín[Great singer and dancer] with four talented and beautiful kids - Domhnall [21] off looking for work in Oz at the moment, Caelainn [17] Fiddle and whistle and dancer, Fionntán[13] Whistle, piano, and dancer, and Fidelma [9] just started on violin, atheist and house terrorist.

Variously known as Breandán Carson, Brains, hooknose, and general slabber and gabshite. I play a Monzani and Hill flute that was made around 1834. (Purchased from Sam Murray before Sam started making some of the best modern flutes to be had anywhere.)

Favourite whistle at the minute is one of the best whistes ever known to man or woman - A Michael Burke Brass D Narrow Bore. Truly delicious. 🙂

Have also recently acquired a set of SYN whistles from Erle Bartlett in Oz - best value for money whistles I have ever come across and great session whistles.

And have now added one of Phil Bleazey’s wooden whistles to the collection mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Also been known to sing the odd song - though I’m usually encouraged to do so before too much drink has been taken! [Though more often encouraged not to sing at all!!] Maria R, Belfast Flute player, has recently dubbed me Brendan five keys - so that probably gives you some idea of my singing ability!

Regular attendee at sessions around the Mourne area and will go anywhere at the drop of a hat.

My house is renowned as a ceili house with regular kitchen sessions.