tunebook 15 tunes.

Hello, world. I have decided to give up violining and take up guitar - my body does not take kindly to the position one must assume to play the instrument. I have, however, begun playing harp, and I now own a Harpsicle harp, which is an American-made (NOT Pakistani, so it has the right spacing between strings and stays in tune) harp with 26 strings. It sounds lovely. I have named it Victoria (harps must have names).

At the moment, I’m listening to Sergeant Early’s Dream/Hills of Ireland/Gusty’s Frolics as performed by Maggie Sansone on dulcimer (and of course the rest of her group). It has to be one of the most remarkable songs ever written.

A group of friends and I are thinking of starting up Celtic Club (our Celtic music jamming party) again, so it’ll probably run for a second year. And then they’ll all graduate and it’ll go away, which makes me extraordinarily depressed, because I’ll be the only one left, and I can’t play EVERYTHING.

No worries!