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tune sets 194 sets of tunes.

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I play chiefly tenor banjo and mandolin-family instruments, and dabble in others (whistle, button box, bouzouki, what have you).

I play at Irish and Scottish sessions around town. I play for set dances (Tom Finucane Ceili Band), Contra (The Bobbens) and for Scottish and English Country Dance.

I post tune videos sporadically on my YouTube channel. Some slower-faster learning versions, some with onscreen sheet music, some just a tune or two.

We have a learner’s session in Rochester that rotates through a set of books by local accordionist Rick Muir. I post videos each month of his settings for the participants in the learner’s session here (often a bit rough):

I posted a recent series of "top 20 tunes of each type" which has gone pretty well:
1. Jigs:

2. Reels:

3. Hornpipes:

4. Slip Jigs:

5. Slides:

6. Polkas: