tunebook 4 tunes.

A flute player, in County Antrim (South East), Northern Ireland. I play a Boxwood Sam Murray and a Keyed Blackwood Hammy Hamilton.

I play regularly in the Crown & Shamrock (Wed 8pm), Billy Andy’s (Sat 3pm) and the Gasworks Session, Carrickfergus (Alternate Fridays 8pm)

A fan of slides in general and the playing of Martin Hayes, Charlie Lennon, Conal O’Grada and my friends Martin Shane and Jim McAuley.

I developed and maintain www.tradirishmusic.org, a learning resource centre on the web with 330 tunes (abc, PDF, midi, mp3) and a browser plug-in to make the sheet music playable; also links for each tune to other free resources on the web to hear the tune being played.